A Day at Lahana Resort

We made this video when we stayed at the 9 Station Hostel in Phu Quoc. After spending some days in de town it was time to relax at the pool. We came up with the idea of a cool drone shot and tried it out. After looking back at the footage we saw that theMeer lezen over “A Day at Lahana Resort”

Good Morning Da Nang!

  We came up with the ideaĀ to make a video of the sunrise and went to the beach at 4 am. Normally the beaches are almost completelyĀ empty, we only saw (local)people at the beach during the evening hours when the sun was almost gone. After spending almost one month in Vietnam we were shocked toMeer lezen over “Good Morning Da Nang!”

From Mongolia to China

This was one of our last trainĀ rides from the Trans-Mongolian express, This ride started in Ulaanbaatar and we had to get off the train in Datong. When we came to the Chinese border the train stopped first we had a train check by the Mongolian border security and after that, we drove into China. AtMeer lezen over “From Mongolia to China”


Tour day 5 of The Gobi & Terelj National Park Trip. Driving through the Gobi towards Bajanzag better knows as theĀ Flaming Cliffs.Ā It was given this name by American paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews, who visited in the 1920s. The area is most famous for yielding the first discovery of dinosaurĀ eggs.


On the 3rd and 4th day of the Gobi & Terelj National Park trip, we visited the Yol Valley an area in the middle of the desert with a frozen lake. After that, we drove through the desert for a couple of hours to the Khongor sand dunes and finished the day off with CamelMeer lezen over “TRANS MONGOLIAN EXPRESS – MONGOLIA (PART 2)”


In this video, we visited the Terelj National Park, Genghis Khan Monuments, Turtle rock, The Elephant temple and Tsagaan Suvarga better known as the White Stupa in Middle Gobi. The Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue, part of the Genghis Khan Statue Complex is a 40-meter tall statue of Genghis Khan on horseback. Underneath the Statue isMeer lezen over “TRANS MONGOLIAN EXPRESS – MONGOLIA (PART 1)”

Trans Mongolian Express – Russia

This was the beginning of our trip! We spend 5-days in Moscow and 5-days in the train to get to Irkutsk. From Irkutsk, we got picked up by people from a homestay and from there we took a mini-bus to visited the Baikal lake and went back to Irkutsk to get on the train toMeer lezen over “Trans Mongolian Express – Russia”