Trans-Mongolian railway

  Yes, we did it, the beautiful Trans- Mongolian express. Starting in the oh so cold Moscow and going all the way to the warm and sunny Beijing. In Moscow, we booked the cheapest Airbnb we could find, because we want to travel on a budget so that we can travel for a long time.Meer lezen over “Trans-Mongolian railway”

5-days in Moscow

The Russian adventure In our first story, I kind of introduced our plan. We got off the airport in Moscow and wanted to try out the Uber app for the first time. So we booked a trip and waited for the taxi to come and pick us up at the terminal. After half an hourMeer lezen over “5-days in Moscow”

Trans Mongolian Express – Russia

This was the beginning of our trip! We spend 5-days in Moscow and 5-days in the train to get to Irkutsk. From Irkutsk, we got picked up by people from a homestay and from there we took a mini-bus to visited the Baikal lake and went back to Irkutsk to get on the train toMeer lezen over “Trans Mongolian Express – Russia”