Goffee Coffee – Where customers become friends

Goffee-coffee Danny

Goffee-coffee Danny2

On our first day in Mandalay, we were looking for a nice coffee shop to finish our new post about Bagan. Daria found a place on Tripadvisor and after crossing almost the whole city by foot we arrived at Goffee Coffee. Once you enter the shop you are welcomed by the owner Danny with a warm smile! Good first impression.


Goffee-coffee cafe6

We sat down, opened our laptops and wanted to start off right away. Danny came up to our table and told us that he didn’t have WiFi in the shop. His way of enjoying coffee is by talking with someone or reading a book. But if we really wanted Wifi we could use the Wifi hot-spot provided by his phone.


Appresso: espresso + apple juice
Goffee-coffee food2
Homemade – Chocolate lava cake

While looking at the menu we found out that Danny has some special coffees we’ve never heard of: Ice drip coffee; Appresso; Cold brew. I ordered an Appresso which is a mix of apple juice and a shot of espresso. Daria ordered a coffee latte and something to eat and it was delicious.


Goffee-coffee roaster


Goffee-coffee beans

While looking around the shop we found out that Danny roasts his own coffees and gives financial support to local farmers. His goal is to promote Myanmar coffee while helping locals produce high-quality beans.


Goffee-coffee Ice drip2

His shop is full of cool coffee machines and one caught my eye right away. The Ice drip coffee installation. A kind of chemistry experiment looking tower to produce a special coffee.


Goffee-coffee ice drip shot

I was so interested in the process of making the ice drip coffee that Danny offered us a shot to taste, via this process the coffee gets a less bitter aftertaste.


Goffee-coffee cold brew

The last special coffee on the menu was the Cold brew coffee. Cold brew is made by mixing cold water with coffee powder and let it rest for 16hr in the fridge. This process also has its own unique taste and it’s also less bitter than an espresso for example.


Goffee-coffee Danny3



Goffee-coffee cafe2

Danny told me a lot about coffee and why he opened the shop. What started out as a plan to work on a post about Bagan ended up with doing research about coffee and creating an infographic.


Goffee-coffee work
Checking the facts with Danny



If you want to find out more check the infographic below! (click to open full screen)

Infographic Coffee Jai Boekhout
By Jai Boekhout


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