Boutique hostels we like


The new generation of hostels has officially landed! If luxury travel is your jam but you don’t have the budget, then it’s about time you met the boutique hostels. They’re authentic, full of personality and often locally or family-run. They have hip decorated dorms, cool on-site bars and restaurants, pools, and more. During our trip in Asia we discovered some of these hidden gems. But remember, once you go boutique you won’t get back!

1. Travellers Nest in Da Nang, Vietnam

When we arrived we booked for two nights, but we ended up staying two weeks. That says enough, haha. The hostel is run by a local family, super friendly staff and it’s clean. They have very comfortable spacious bunk beds with enough place for all your belongings. Breakfast included! This place really feels like home. One of our favorite!!

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2. 9 Station Hostel in Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Clean, tidy & hip. Large hostel with a restaurant, the breakfast is delicious and it is beautifully presented. Staff is nice and helpful. They even provide free laundry service. The best thing about this hostel is the swimming pool! So beautiful and relaxed. Definitely a cool spot on the island Phu Quoc

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3. Sailomyen Hostel&Café in Vientiane, Laos

Sailomyen Hostel features a loft design accommodation complete with an in-house cafe on the ground floor where coffee is served. Last year the hostel was taken over by the son of the owners and completely renovated. The hostel is very clean and the sheets and towels smell just so lovely! Comfortable beds and breakfast is included. The coffee they serve in the café is delicious. The Sailomyen hostel is a top spot!

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4. 88 Hilltop Hostel in Phu Quoc, Vietnam

This hostel is the perfect combination the green color of nature, trees, simple architecture and the convenient modern facilities. The view from the bar is absolutely stunning, you can see the city of Duong Dong and on the other side the sun going down in the sea, just so beautiful… A nice thing about this hostel is that they have a double bed dorm. However, there is a minus about 88 Hilltop, the road to the hostel is very bad and it’s really on a hilltop so it’s a whole climb. If you don’t like to walk for so long you need a scooter or car.

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We hope to visit more nice hostels like this! X


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