A Day at Lahana Resort

Phu Quoc Lahana Resort Daria Pool

We made this video when we stayed at the 9 Station Hostel in Phu Quoc. After spending some days in de town it was time to relax at the pool. We came up with the idea of a cool drone shot and tried it out. After looking back at the footage we saw that the Resort next door had a bigger pool! While having breakfast the next day we talked with the manager about the footage and asked about the pool. It turned out that the resort next door was from the same company as the 9 Station Hostel and had just opened its doors.

After talking with the manager we got offered some tickets to enjoy the infinity pool at the brand new Lahana Resort.

Lunch at Lahana Resort Phu Quoc
Lunch at Lahana Resort Phu Quoc


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