From Mongolia to China

Changing wheels2

This was one of our last train rides from the Trans-Mongolian express, This ride started in Ulaanbaatar and we had to get off the train in Datong. When we came to the Chinese border the train stopped first we had a train check by the Mongolian border security and after that, we drove into China. At the border, we got one by one pushed into a large hanger. All the people had to get off the train. The railway track in China is different than the ones in Mongolia and Russia. So the Chinese came up with the idea to just lift up the train and change the complete set of wheels of all the trains. After a couple of hours, we were ready to go! Off to Datong, home of the Hanging Monastery.

Lifting up the train

Changing weels2

Hanging Monastery

Hanging Monastery tempel

Hanging Monastery1

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